Welcome to See Jack Learn: the Blog, the official blog for the podcast about college planning and surviving the transition between high school and higher education.  Jack Grubb, a college access professional, started See Jack Learn to address the hidden pitfalls that sideline students from achieving their college aspirations.  Jack approaches the show with the tested philosophy that all students must be prepared for the college transition academically, financially AND socially, which allows him to covers the real issues that effect admissions and retention.

Sample topics include:
  • Do you need to go to college?
  • Paying for school
  • Finding your passion (and changing it)
  • Handling roommates and living away from home
  • Balancing studying and partying
  • Taking the "right" course load 
  • Working through school
A diverse cast will join Jack each episode to tell him where he's going wrong.  Viewpoints come from college experts as well as current college and high school students.  Our discussion format gives listeners a wide variety of opinions so you will not be left with a myopic view of what college is and should be to you.  We will also read emails and answer questions from loyal listeners (or anyone who writes in). 

Learn more about See Jack Learn by listening to the podcast (through iTunes or here), visiting our forums, sending Jack an email, or contacting Jack via telekinesis.  And tell your friends!

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