Jack Grubb

Jack graduated from DePauw University in 1995 with a major in communications, a minor in computer science and the ambition to become the next big thing in advertising.  After a few years hawking insurance annuities for companies that don't exist anymore, he decided that if he had to sell something, it might as well be education.  Since then, Jack has taught computer science, life science, Classical literature, U.S. History, geometry and algebra II to middle and high school students; interpersonal communications and speech to college students; and the entire alphabet to his two-year-old.  After graduating with his master of public administration in 2007, Jack founded a college access center in Preble County, Ohio, and counseled both high school students and adults on how to follow their collegiate dreams without sacrificing their financial futures.

Jack's philosophy for life is simple: Learn. Love. Try. Do Good.  He is heavily influenced by his high school teachers (especially SeƱora Rusniak and Mr. Fletcher), George Feeny, and the Last Lecture by Randy Pausch.  Jack believes that college is a choice that every person needs to make for themselves, but everyone needs to be prepared, because college and career readiness are virtually the same skill sets.

Currently, Jack works as a development consultant and a full-time dad.  He hopes that one day he will find gainful employment at a place where he can impact the world and make dreams come true (*cough* Lumina Foundation *cough*).  To get more information on Jack, visit his LinkedIn profile.

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