Sunday, April 14, 2013

Been getting a few emails asking when the next podcast episode will air and if we will have a regular schedule.  The short answers are: April 24th and every Wednesday.

Why the delay?

First, getting the cast together with such a wide range of ages has been challenging to say the least.  I've made the executive decision, also, to have essentially two separate casts -- one student cast and one adult cast.  Each will have the same format, and each will tackle topics on college planning and surviving the transition between high school and higher education.  Juggling multiple Skype lines and studio mics is just too technical for me right now, so two separate casts.  Plus, the students might be intimidated to speak freely in front of adults they don't know.

Second, I need to upgrade my equipment.  I'm looking at two mics and a mixer, which I'm buying this week.

Third, I want to give Episode #0 another week to percolate. I received my first e-mails this weekend, and think another week will continue to stir interest.

So until next time...

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