Sunday, April 7, 2013

Episode 0: pre-reamble

Here is a re-post of the inaugural episode of See Jack Learn, the podcast about college planning and surviving the gap between high school and higher education.  In Episode 0: the pre-ramble, you will learn about why I started this podcast and how it differentiates from anything else that relates to college planning.  Being a former head of a college access center in Ohio, I give my philosophy about
defining college readiness and how you can be prepared socially, financially and academically for life after high school.

I spout statistics about college attendance and retention, and why women will soon rule the world.  I also talk about a house bill in Oregon proposes that students get to attend college for free and then "Pay it Forward".

Finally, I define the concepts that will be commonly referred to future podcasts, and what the terms Social, Academic, and Financial mean.

*Please note: the above player DOES NOT work well with Internet Explorer.  It works fine on everything else I tried, but IE just doesn't cooperate.  All IE users must click this link to hear the finest podcast about college planning and surviving the transition between high school and higher education!*

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